The Luxy is a millionaire match site that allows singles who are wealthy and attractive to pair up online, it’s a platform that verifies your income and vouch features for rich individuals to find their wealthy equivalents. Everyone loves dating someone who is attractive or wealthy, and of course, singles that are rich also have the same desire.


It’s a platform that simply focuses on two qualities, appearance, and money. Luxy, is considered as the Tinder for rich and attractive as success connects to the attraction. The app can be accessed only by those people who meet up certain standards, for example, one that has a minimum income annually or is considered attractive by other registered members. And this is highly admired by the wealthy. Launched in 2014, the platform is growing extremely fast since verified wealthy users are encouraged to invite their rich friends.

However, Luxy declared that the annual income earned by Luxy Millionaire Singles is around $250K+ to $1M+. The highlighting features of the website includes “Rich or Attractive” i.e. in order to join the platform, people must be rich as verified with tax records or attractive voted by existing members, this will make sure that Luxy’s users will only mingle with wealth or attractive people just like themselves.

So to verify the income and to become a member of Luxy, you must have a minimum income of $200k annually. And for the authentication one should provide a clear picture of his or her driver’s license or passport, along with your tax return from the last financial year in order to document your financial status. On the other hand you will be voted in based on your attractiveness by other existing members of the opposite sex within the next 24 hours, and in case you will have less than 50% votes, you are refused by the Millionaire Club and will be immediately removed. However, more than 50% of all new Luxy members are rejected via the feature since the introduction of the Vouch feature.

Talking about the real relationships and dating service of the site people can say what they want, but on Luxy, two things are majorly verified one wealthy and the other good looks. That helps makes Luxy more truthful and serious. When we talk about Luxy it says that the website is not an app for sugar daddy and sugar baby kind of relationships. The website focuses on helping its users finds real love with likeminded people.

For this Luxy extends its millionaires service by hosting Singles Parties. In which millionaires from all around the world get a chance of attending the party so that they could meet and mingle, their like minded single elites. The locations include Florida, Milan, LA, Paris and Holland. The members can even get exclusive discounts and offers to the world’s most luxurious restaurants, hotels and services.

To signup Luxy is quite similar to Tinder. It’s absolutely free to join in using your Facebook or Email, but Facebook is highly encouraged. Firstly you will have to pick your favorites from a list of hobbies provided, like gourmet dining, horseback riding, golf etc all qualify as acceptable hobbies. Secondly, you can select your favorite brand, like Mercedes, Bentley, Louis Vuitton, and many other luxury brands. The users are provided with multiple options in order to identify their favorite brand. Finally, you are provided with the option for the vouch feature.

The Luxy application is available in multiple languages i.e. English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Traditional Chinese. You can easily download it for free from the Apple Store but it requires iOS 8.0 or later version. It’s compatible with both the iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch but does not yet supports the Apple Watch. You can even get it for free from the Google Play store.

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